I know many people who have money. They are very rich, have lots of cash, and no time to spend it at all. Conversely, I also know of people who have so much time and not a single dollar to spend. They are poor beyond their means and have absolutely no idea on what to do. If you are any of these guys, this post will be really helpful.

We are going to look at how you can have it all or simply put how you can have the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle. This is a lifestyle that guarantees you the money, time, and freedom to enjoy it all from any location; a stress-free idea to go with.

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It all Starts with Personal Discipline

Whether you have the money or not it is very important that you are ready to spend it wisely or play within a given set of rules. You should be able to use your money for the ideal reasons and not spend it impulsively. Spending impulsively would mean you would be faced with bad debts before you even know it.

In the same spirit, if you have the time and no money to spend, you should be ready to be guided through. It is important that you learn better ways to spend your time wisely so that you can have a productive lifestyle. A productive lifestyle is in itself an asset too.

Next You Should Find Something to Do

A job is applicable to both the person with no money and one with the luxury of having all the money. As a matter of fact, a job is the one thing that will keep your mind active, alert, and ready to explore new horizons always.


However, it is very important that you work smart rather than foolishly. It is true that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and it true that hard work really pays. Nonetheless working smart means working with a specific objective in mind; if you set timely goals you will be able to remain focused and at the same time create time for yourself to enjoy what you have worked for.

Also Create Time Whenever You Can

Too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your creative mind is tested when you meet new challenges. New challenges are only practical if you have the time to explore new horizons. Essentially, you should be able to develop your growth mindset by having the freedom to lay other opportunities under tests.


If you are rich enough you can always employ other people to work for you. With a well-motivated team, you should be able to create some time for yourself. If you are just starting up, having a number of hobbies that you could try your hands on is best.

It doesn’t really matter how tight your schedule could be. The truth of the matter is that, with the right choice of opportunity, you should be able to enjoy your wealth, create more, and have the time to move around.

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