Ever take time to find out what keeps your kids locked up in their rooms all day long? Trust me you should. And not when you’ve got them grounded for a month for not doing their recital but when the mood is right for the ideal family time.

Sometimes it’s never the mischief of growing up but rather the fun of indoor games say video games that tie them to their corner, so before you scold them for locking themselves out take time to find out why.

But are video games the only means your kids can constructively spend their free time? Well, that’s debatable since we have a lot of other free will hobbies and games that our kids can choose from.


But trust me, having found out that video games are the only things that make kids rock, I’ve never stopped them from having their fun with them.

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How I Supported Them

The very first thing I did was to get them their favorite video games. From simple first-person shooters, battlefield survival, ideal trilogies, remakes, combat oriented titles, to sci-fi, I took my time to have it all packed up for them.


Then I bought them the best playing kits including an ideal PC, an Xbox One, and PS4 for their games. The thing is I didn’t want them to miss out on the only thing that made them happy, and that was video games.

And then to make the game more interesting I chose to do two things differently, first I chose to get each and every one of then an AussyElo League of Legend accounts for their use. This I did in order to ensure that they could easily play with their pals and play the game in their own way.


But since to buy league of legends accounts way very much affordable and the endless designs favorable, I chose to set up monthly contest where winner takes all. It could be a simple price such as the new playing kit, a fancy shoe, or even a new set of games.

In addition to that, I also took my time to learn more about video games. From time to time I would indulge in the game with them, get my ass whooped but still pick up and get going. And though in the beginning, I did it for pure fun, it turned out to be the best family time ever.


Finally, I chose to set the record straight and this is the most ideal thing that any parent should do for their kids. You see rules are rules and to make peace with yourself they should be followed to the top.

Never allow your kids to play their game before finishing their errands, nailing their homework, or taking time to finish up their duties this is the greatest sin you can ever do. So keep the rules straight and set the gaming time aside.


It might require you to get the most ideal gaming account for them now that a lol account price is flexible enough to get you quite a number, either way, supporting your kids will be vital.

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