Hoverboards also known as self-balancing scooters are two-wheeled devices that are quite fun when you own. Unfortunately, they haven’t given users the smooth ride that everyone expects on purchasing them.

Sometimes they have left people nursing unpleasant injuries from falls, explosions, and other accidents that were rather not anticipated. Other people have also complained about getting poor quality hoverboards.

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In order to save face and have a great experience, we prepared a number of must know hoverboard tips for every buyer. They are simple and quite easy to work with. Take a look at what they really are.

Safety Standards

Make sure that your board has met the required safety standards. Some of the best safety yardsticks to go with are the UL 1642 (batteries), UN 38.3 (batteries), and UL 60950-1 for the charging system. You can double this up by purchasing directly through the manufacturers or if not make sure you read user reviews and feedbacks first before buying.

Hoverboard Type

Hoverboards come in two major types; board design or air wheeled design. The board designs come with two wheels that rotate independently. The wheels are fastened using hinges on either side of the board.


The air wheeled design, on the other hand, has two large wheels. The wheels are located at the center and come with pressure controlled sensitive pads on either side of the wheels. The best choice depends on your needs.

Hoverboard Speed

Hoverboard speed will vary depending on the type of brand or model that you have. Your type of wheel and also body weight will again affect the speed too. The average speed for most boards ranges between 10 and 12 mph. But that of high-end designs might hit 17 mph. It is important to know your top speed so as to determine your ability to control the hoverboard.


Board vs. Weight

Hoverboards will support various body weights with the maximum limit being 220 pounds or just about 120 kgs. It is advisable that you use a board whose capacity is much more than your total weight as this will prevent the board from straining and also wearing out really faster. This is also good at preventing any forms of accidents.


10in Hoverboards are some of the best options for people who weigh over 100 kgs.

The Wheel Size

You must also understand that hoverboards come with different sizes of wheelsets. Some of the most common wheel sizes include 6.5 inches and 7 inches for the smaller sizes, 8 inches, and also 10 inches.


The smaller wheels are will provide high styled efficiency and a smooth glide on less bumpy paths while the 8-inch designs will give you more stability on uneven roads. Roads with rougher edges will do well on a 10-inch design.

While riding hoverboards is fun, it is important to have a number of tips on hand so that you can keep yourself safe and have the best experience. See this article to find some of the best hoverboard designs in 2018.



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