If you were to ask any video gamer if they had played the league of legends, the answer would be a resounding yes. This is because this game has been in existence for close to a decade now. It is estimated that this video game has an active base of over 80 million players in a month and 27 million players daily visit their site. Most games have a long process of moving onto the next level. This is not exempted from LOL as you will also find the leveling process to be a bit tedious. As you go forward to attain a level 30 lol account, you will in the process increase your possibility of using runes and talents that in turn increase your strength in the game. It is good to know that talents and points are given to players for free as their accounts level increases. The runes and rune pages however, must be bought using the in-game currency, IP (influence points) in the game shop.

Benefits of Buying League Accounts
Benefits of Buying League Accounts

The Pros

The highest level of a league of legends account is level 30. Well, reaching the level is not a walk in the park. As a player you will need to play numerous games and since winning each game that you will be playing is not guaranteed, the experience points that you have gained will be quite low.


1. Saves Time

The main benefit that a player can get when they choose to buy league account level 30 is that it saves time. The time you might have spent playing lower levels you can now use to advance in the game.

2. You Get to the Highest Level

Estimates say that it takes an average player close to 178 games before they can reach level 30 and get to play the actual game. With unranked lol accounts, players get the opportunity to skip the tutorial part and get straight into the main game. Unranked league of legends accounts is sometimes referred to as unranked smurfs.


3. Challenging Yourself

A player who goes out to buy lol account level 30 is one who is ready to challenge themselves since ranked accounts allow gamers to have multiple accounts of the highest tier and how fellow gamers how good their skills are.


4. Improving Your Rank 

Being in possession of a league of legends level 30 account allows you the player to jump right into the highest level and join the promotion matches. Another benefit of buying a lol level 30 account is that it comes from the sellers with a gift from of a huge amount of IP that will give you a chance to purchase numerous heroes of your choice for game variety or rune pages that can empower already owned heroes.


Before settling on where you want to buy league accounts, consider if the payment options are secure since it is better to be safe than sorry, if the delivery is instant and there is no violation of rules set by the gaming company.

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