There are a good number of companies that hire work from home employees. From virtual assistants, to transcriptionists, to article writers, to customer care agents, you name it. All you need to do is figure out where your passion lies and follow it.

However it is advisable to do your research on companies offering real positions before seeking opportunities with them. There are a number of cons on the net so be careful not to be scammed.

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Here are 6 amazing ways to make extra money part time.


This is one of the popular and best way to make money online. It is a favorite among most online entrepreneurs. The secret lies in building a quality blog, boosting traffic to the site then monetizing the blog. There are numerous ways of monetizing your blog, from posting adverts, to selling products and services, to affiliate marketing, the list is long.

Many people are into the digital world of blogging, article writing, and content creation and so on. The aim is to help them create their own brands, market their content, create sales pages and make sales based on their writing.

Find a niche that interests you and get blogging. It is one of the work from home part time jobs that will leave you satisfied and with some extra cash in your pocket if done right.


Freelance Article Writing and Editorial Work

Sometimes, blogging has proven too intense for some people given that it needs constant updating with new articles. If you are not necessarily interested in running your own blog, how about freelance writing for corporates, media or nonprofit web instead of letting your creative juices dry out?


There are numerous websites looking for content from freelancers. Others are looking for editors for their content. They pay per project, per word or per hour depending on your arrangements.

Social Media Management

Due to the dynamic and ever changing world of technology, many companies know the need to find their market on digital platforms. Most people are nowadays online on almost every social media platform you could think of including Facebook, Instagram, and twitter and so on. You can start a work from home business helping companies organize campaigns on their social pages and reach the wider online market.


Tutoring Students

Use the few hours you can squeeze out of your day to coach and share knowledge with struggling students. Looking through online tutoring companies, you will likely find students seeking to improve their grades. How about using your academic specialty to make that extra money and help a student while at it. Amazing right? And the beauty of it is that the tutoring is not done in person but virtually!



Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a method of fulfilling retail where you do not physically stock the products that you are selling. It is popular with people who wish to run a work from home business part time because it can be run from anywhere around the world. The most important thing you need to have is an internet connection.


To sell a product, you purchase the item from a third-party merchant who then ships it directly to your customer. It is very efficient as you do not need as much capital in order to get started.

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